Happy Thanksgiving from Wildwood Lakefront Cottages

Thanksgiving is about bringing people together and this year, we express our gratitude to all those involved with bringing families together at Wildwood Lakefront Cottages. It’s an opportunity to share common goals and take a glance back at the year, so that we can build on what has been fun, great and successful and be bold enough to let go of what needs to.

We’re thankful for current cottage owners at Wildwood, who flavor the community and bring it to life and color the streets (sometimes literally, with chalk). The attitude that prevails here at Wildwood Lakefront Cottages among owners is to relax and enjoy, to connect, make friends and have FUN. We are thankful for the board members that continue to labor for the good of the community. Tough and challenging, but a torch that needs to be picked up so that the vision can thrive and continue. We’re thankful for passionate event coordinators and volunteers in the community, their attitude is contagious and this past year we have seen many events from the Polar Dive & Beach Bonfire in January, to Easter events, the competitive Wimblewood Classic, ice cream on hot days, potlucks on colder days and candy galore in the fall for Halloween. Fun is contagious!

Our trusted cottage builders also need to be recognized. They work hard to materialize the vision and dreams of the new owners. Its starts with a footprint, and we all know it has limitations, but it is the head and hands of a good builder and the heart of a new owner that creates each cottage to be unique and special. It can be stressful, tedious and require patience to go through this process, but looking back has anything in life that is worth doing not had those elements? It is more what we do with those moments, how we interact, communicate and trust each other. This is our challenge to your builder to do their utmost; to manage expectations beyond the expected, deliver quality on time so that dream becomes reality!

Looking back, the moments we treasure of this past year are backed by thoughtful vision and action. As part of the team that puts all the pieces together, we are very thankful for the opportunity to serve new owners in the selection of a lot, help by designing a cottage and selecting a builder, as well as putting the pieces together on the lot. We design build elements like a covered deck, storage shed and landscaping to bring the whole picture together, to create a beautiful space for your family.

It is our hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this season, surrounded with those you treasure!

We are here! If you’re ready to turn dreams into reality, consider an overnight stay and see firsthand what all the talk is about. Please contact Jan Hensen at 1.855.525.3990 or email